Raja Nong Chik answers people’s complaint

Raja Nong Chik said before in the the official handing-over of duties from former FT Minister ceremony, “the cost of living in KL is acknowledged to be two to three times higher than rural areas so we need to look into basic needs like welfare, housing, public transport, job and business opportunities.”

When I read The Star Online newspaper, I found this article which is addressed to our new minister. And I think what Raja Nong Chik said before, answers the complaint made. Here is the complaint I took from The Star Online.


Develop Maintenance Culture

ONE of the many issues of public concern is how to develop a strong maintenance culture in Malaysia in the interest of public safety and convenience.

Malaysia is known as a country which prides itself in the provision of first world infrastructure but not in terms of its maintenance of these infrastructure.

Incidences of defects and breakdown in new government buildings and infrastructures are still fresh in our minds. Problems of such nature are embarrassing and far too serious to be ignored.

Poor maintenance of public buildings and infrastructures can lead to accidents and injuries. Public toilets which are not properly maintained can cause public inconveniences. Chil­dren’s playgrounds poorly main­tained can result in accidents and injuries. Roads and public drains not properly maintained can cause flash floods.

Potholes which are left unattended for weeks greatly inconvenience and could prove tragic to motorists. Failure to prune tree branches and leaves that obstruct road signages along our highways, federal, state and town roads also cause inconvenience to and endanger motorists.

These unpleasant occurrences are a reflection of a Malaysian malaise clearly manifested in inferior quality work, poor execution, inept management, poor maintenance and lack of ethics.

What is at stake is not only the question of ethics but also the issue of safety and health at work. The occurrence of collapsing structure in buildings is an issue affecting health and safety at work which must not be overlooked. It is time for everyone to curb this Malaysian malaise.

All the authorities and every Malaysian must imbibe the culture of strong maintenance and make it a way of life. Let us not have first world infrastructure but a third class mentality when it comes to maintenance.

I call on the new Najib Administra­tion to put an end to the poor and unsatisfactory maintenance of public amenities. The time has come for the emergence of a new era which gives emphasis to the development of a strong maintenance and safety culture.

Improving our image is not only the responsibility of the Government but also the duty of every citizen who must be civic-minded. However, despite our success in economic development, we have not succeeded to develop a civic-minded society. Indiscriminate throwing of litter is still very common despite public campaigns on anti-littering.

Let it not be said that Malaysians work hard to pursue wealth and success but lose sight of their civic obligations.


Kuala Lumpur.


Raja Nong Chik said that government will build 6,500 more low-cost homes in Putrajaya, said yesterday. And I’m sure the people’s welfare is his first priority, maybe not all the problems solved but at least the people will feel more comfortable compared to the current condition. Raja Nong Chik once said, “I have an easy going style, I do not like protocol. I tend to be very strict on cost. That’s my family upbringing.”

I believe that with this kind of mindset, we can reduce the time needed to agree on a certain proposal. So I believe that Raja Nong Chik, with the power in his hand, he will provide a comfortable place for us and that is one of Raja Nong Chik’s plans.


~ by anaksenikl on April 22, 2009.

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