Cuci the musical theatre

Have you ever watch Cuci the musical theatre? Here is some words from the people involved.

Giving Cuci his musical best

BIG-name television stars are sharing the stage, or wire harnesses in this case, for the first time in Cuci The Musical.

The show is based on the 2008 film which grossed RM2.8million at the local box office.

Awie, Hans and AC in Cuci the musical

(From left) Adibah Nor, Awie, Hans Isaac and AC Mizal in a scene from Cuci The Musical at Istana Budaya

Says Hans Isaac, actor, producer and owner of Tall Order Productions: “It was always going to be a musical to me. The film took only two weeks to write. The musical has taken a whole lot more time and we are currently at the twelfth draft of the script.”

The four leading actors all reprise their celluloid roles — Awie as Jojo, A.C. Mizal as C’tan, Afdlin Shauki as Fairil and Hans as Khai.

Signing these actors early in the pre-production stage was crucial to maintain the successful masala of the film which bagged two awards at the Malaysian Film Festival (Best New Director for Isaac and Best Screenplay).

The supporting roles of CJ and her assistant are played by Vanida Imran and Adibah Noor respectively with Harith Iskander playing the part of baddie (if there really is one) Wira, owner of WiraMaju Enterprise, arch rival of Cuci-Cuci Services.

Those who have watched the film know that it is a simple story of how four young guys band together to form a cleaning company.

The leader of the group Fairil (Afdlin) is the visionary with the ultimate aim of winning the KLCC window washing contract.

“Although the musical stays pretty much true to the film, you can expect a shock in the third part of Act 1,” says Hans, his face shining with enthusiasm as he talks about the production.

It is hard to believe that before the show opened last Friday, Hans had spent two days in hospital after collapsing with exhaustion.

“This is the biggest production ever in Malaysia — biggest budget and biggest production, all funded by me and my company, all my savings.

“I’ve not said no to anyone in the production and I only ask the best of them. While Puteri Gunung Ledang set the standard, I aim to raise the bar and pull out all the stops with Cuci.”

The original score is composed by Douglas Lim and Pacai (Dr Syed Ahmad Faizal Al-Attas) with Janji Pada Umi listed as one of Hans personal favourites.

“Singing and dancing are my personal fears so for this musical I’ve had to brave that hurdle, calm down and give it my best,” he says.

The musical, which ends its run on Nov 8, will be performed in Malay with English subtitles. Tickets, from RM43-RM253, are available at the Istana Budaya box office (03-40265558) and at Axcess (03-77115000).

Source: NST

The musical theatre had ended a few days ago but I really respect Afdlin Shauki for his success.


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