KL-ites are die-hard foodies and shopaholics?

KL-ites are die-hard foodies and shopaholics? Are you agree with that? Haha. I couldn’t agree more than that. If we ask anyone about what kind of Malaysian foods they like, they can give you a long list and almost the same list.

Plus to that, there are quite a number of blogs that only write about foods and those blogs are famous, even to other countries. That’s why non-Malaysian said we are die-hard foodies and shopaholics.

Who said that?

January 28, 2010 14:19 PM

Kuala Lumpur On New York Times’ Must-see List For 2010

By Muin Abdul Majid

DUBAI, Jan 28 (Bernama) — Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, has been included in the top travel list compiled by the online version of The New York Times.

The daily recently named the vibrant and exotic Southeast Asian city among its “must-see destinations” this year in the latest edition of its annual travel list, “31 places to go in 2010”.

Besides Kuala Lumpur (or KL as it is commonly called), other destinations on the list included Damascus, Copenhagen, Norway, Los Angeles and Costa Rica, according to a statement from Tourism Malaysia.

The travel-section report described Kuala Lumpur as an increasingly popular destination among jetsetters in the region and one of the area’s “coolest and friendliest cities”.

It also described KL-ites as “die-hard foodies…and shopaholics, spending weekends trawling boutiques for the latest looks emerging from the sophisticated local fashion scene”.

The KL report was written by Naomi Lindt, a travel writer who focuses on Asia, said Tourism Malaysia.

KL’s “robust street food scene that straddles Chinese, Indian and Malay flavours” caught the attention of The New York Times, along with the burgeoning local fashion scene in the city, led by fashion designers Bernard Chandran, Khoon Hooi and Melinda Looi.

Bangsar was also highlighted for its cluster of fashion stores along Jalan Telawi 2 and 3.


This is a good news to us, and we should be happy about it. We’re being acknowledged by people, so what should we do now? Improve our country’s social and economical aspects, and Malaysia will become one of the leading countries in economy sector.


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